Support for studying in the neighbourhood school

Through consultation visits and counselling, we strengthen both the professional competence and the multidisciplinary cooperation. The visits offer immediate support for learning and rehabilitation as well as for the teaching arrangements. Specialists in the field of teaching and rehabilitation do the visits.

Often necessary at stages of transition in learning

The target of the consultation visit or the counselling may be one or more students or a whole group. From the student´s point of view, key dates are often the entering of school and the stages of transition. The initiative may come from the school, rehabilitation expert or from the housing service.

During the visit, we ponder the overall situation of the student seen from the aspect of the school, the student and the guardian regarding school attendance and rehabilitation. Together we ponder for example:

  • The strengths of the student or the group
  • Learning
  • Interaction
  • Supporting communication
  • Resource planning
  • Behaviour
  • Teaching methods and materials
  • Accessibility of the learning environment

In the context of the consultation visit or the counselling we can arrange a meeting between the guardians, aid personnel, teaching-, nursing - and rehabilitation staff as needed.