Valteri is a national Centre for Learning and Consulting that operates under the Finnish National Agency for Education. Valteri supports the implementation of the neighborhood school principle.

Together with the home municipality, we promote the school attendance of those who require support with our multidisciplinary expertise and provide our versatile services for any general, intensified and special support needs.

Our services can be focused on the needs of individual children or young people, or for the needs of an entire work community, municipality or region. Valteri has six units located in different parts of Finland.

These units are:

  • Mikael, Mikkeli
  • Mäntykangas, Kuopio
  • Onerva, Jyväskylä
  • Ruskis, Helsinki
  • Skilla, Helsinki
  • Tervaväylä, Oulu

Valteri in figures.