Together with you, we plan and develop solutions of varying scope at municipality and school level.

The processes are implemented exactly according to your needs.  For example, their themes can include

    • planning and implementation support for pedagogical projects that are conducted on the national level
    • arrangement practices, teaching structures, coordination and consultation for student support
    • student welfare
    • pedagogy and learning environments that are in compliance with OPS 2016
    • developing a comprehensive school and its school culture

The development process can include for example

    • assessing development needs
    • coaching support, sparring, training and consultation for project leaders, steering groups and working groups
    • work guidance or other types of expert support for principals, teaching personnel and student welfare personnel
    • project evaluation

The processes are led by experts with wide experience in school- / educational leadership, collaboration management as well as development work. Our experts are particularly experienced with matters related to student support and student welfare.