Valteri School is meant for special support students whose school attendance cannot be arranged in the appropriate manner in their home municipalities.

Each Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting unit also has a housing services unit on its premises. The units are predominantly intended for use during the school week between Monday morning and Friday afternoon by the school’s own pupils who live long distances from school. Pupils who are undergoing a support period, Valteri School pupils who live a short distance from school and the pupils and students of other schools are charged a fee for the use of the housing services unit.

The housing services units at each Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting emphasise the three cornerstones of the curriculum – operating culture, learning environment and functional capacity. The home-like environment of the housing services units and the cornerstones of the curriculum help pupils maintain daily routines.

Admission need assessment

Becoming a Valteri School student always happens via a support period.  During this period, we conduct various assessments on the student’s support needs, learning capabilities, as well as the special needs that are connected to their learning, rehabilitation and school attendance. If during the support period the adequate educational support measures cannot be arranged in the student’s home municipality, the student can be temporarily admitted as Valteri School student.

The municipality is responsible for applying

The municipality applies for a school place at Valteri School. The application can be submitted as an open application and it must include the special support decision as well as any possible extended compulsory education decisions. Student admission requires that a separate agreement with the municipality is made on the acquisition of assistance and transportation services. The municipality must apply for a school spot by 15th of April 2020.