Student training and theses

Our working community is an excellent place to look at a multidisciplinary approach.  Supporting learning and rehabilitation is a seamless joint work of professionals from different fields. We offer trainee ship for students in education, health and social services.

Most of our internships are directed to educational institutions with whom we have long-term collaboration.

Because collaboration in development and research is part of our operations, we also offer opportunities for making theses.

Civilian Service

We offer a wide range of opportunities for carrying out civilian service in a multi professional work community. A suitable vocational qualification or study area and a driving license are to an advantage for the applicant. A matriculation examination and the right orientation of our current needs (eg IT skills) might be sufficient grounds for choosing.

At its best, the civilian service experience might open up new work opportunities for professionals and students or clarify career choices.

Currently available civilian service vacancies can be found at the home page of the Civilian Service Centre,