To provide more communication support, we have developed the AACi activity boards as well as the AACi dictionary for professional use. These and the other additional products that are listed below are available from the Valteri Shop. There, you can find other materials that support learning and school attendance.

AACi Activity Boards

The AACi boards have been designed for people who utilise communication methods that support and replace speech.

The activity board can be used to complement the communication folder. Its vocabulary focuses on a specific situation (playing at home, dealing with matters related to KELA) or topic (baking, talking about the weather)

The activity board can act as the first step towards using sentence-level pictures. The person can be introduced to using pictures in a communicative way by demonstrating their use with a play-themed activity board during play, for example.

When necessary, the user can move from using sentence-level activity boards to a more extensive communication folder.

The activity board can also be utilised as an evaluation tool when choosing a user’s first or latest folder. It can help determine what size of sign the person can “see”, what size of sign the person can point to with enough accuracy, and how many signs the user can parse on the board.

There are over a hundred topics for AACi activity boards, and each board comes in three sizes: 30, 42 and 56 signs on one page. The vocabulary of every AACi board has been developed to enable sentence-level expressions on the situation or topic at hand and enhance the communicative efficiency of the person with the speech disability.

AACi Dictionary

The AACi Dictionary has been developed for those who want to modify the vocabulary used in the folders and boards. The dictionary contains the signs that are used in the AACi Communication Folders and AACi Activity Boards. By ensuring the uniformity of the signs that are used, it is easier for users to learn to use the folders and activity boards. The “AACin sanat” CD-ROM contains written instructions for using the materials. The materials are compatible with Boardmaker versions 5 and 6.

AACi folder binders, stands and plastic covers

Our AACi binders are custom-designed for Ruskis’ AACi folders. Every binder includes a carrying handle and a wide rubber band that helps keep the folder closed when it is not in use. The folders come in two standard sizes: A5 and A6. The binders are available with an extra swivel cover or without one, depending on the user’s needs. A5 binders are available in three ring sizes: 20 mm (without swivel cover), 35 mm and 45 mm. A6 binders are available in two ring sizes: 35 mm and 45 mm. The binders come in five different colours (grey, pink, yellow, lime, turquoise). The plastic covers for the folders are available in sizes A5 and A6.

The folder stand is designed for communication folders and tablet PCs, and it can be used with different-sized communication folders and tablet PCs. The stand is collapsible, so it is easy to carry around. It can also be freely adjusted to meet the needs of its user.