VALTERI will be renewed

Valteri's new e-mail is from 8 February 2016.

On 1 August 2015, the Valteri network became the Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, which consists of six units: Mikael, Mäntykangas, Ruskis, Onerva, Skilla (former Svenska skolan för synskadade and SPERES) and Tervaväylä.

All the units will also have a Valteri school.

After the merger, all our services will remain and even become more diverse than before.


Support for learning and school attendance

VALTERI is a national centre for learning and consulting with six units in different parts of Finland.

VALTERI supplements municipal and regional support services in learning and school attendance.

VALTERI supports the implementation of inclusive education by offering a comprehensive range of services in the fields of general, intensified and special support.

VALTERI services can target the needs of individual children and young people, or the needs of an entire working community, municipality or region.